Vision and Values


We are a leading government executive arm in the field of transport infrastructure and are responsible for large and complex national projects in this field.

We spearhead the field of transportation infrastructure in terms of maintaining high standards, and consistently strive for professional, personal, and organizational excellence.

Problem Solving

Our creative thinking and flexible and accessible approach, which is implemented in cooperation with the State’s representatives and various authorities, makes us an efficient, reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Focused management and an integrative interdisciplinary capability enable us to provide creative solutions to complex situations, while coping with any issue or problem that might occur during planning or implementation, and to provide immediate, informed, and creative solutions. 


We are committed to the government of Israel and the citizens of Israel in initiating, conducting, and implementing national projects, while sustaining:

  • High quality.
  • Informed budget management
  • Strict adherence to planned itineraries, and a constant effort to shorten them when possible

We continuously strive to meet these objectives.


We are first and foremost professionals, adhering to implementation and execution at the highest standards. We are committed to professional integrity and the highest possible quality and service.

We combine expertise in managing complex and diverse transport infrastructure projects, 25 years of experience and cumilitive knowledge in the various fields of PPP projects in general, and BOT projects in particular, throughout all stages of the project until it is returned to the State, and expertise as a supervising authority.

We are a learning organization, which emphasizes employee growth, learning lessons systematically, and constantly develops its abilities.        


We conduct ourselves with respect, honor, and integrity toward the various institutions with which we work, as well among ourselves.

We continuously strive to strengthen relationships between the company’s different divisions and units, aiming to form one company, rooted in mutual respect and trust, working together, and in light of these values to make our values a reality.

We make a point of maintaining professional ethics and uncompromisingly working in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations.

We strive to incorporate environmentalist values within our professional projects.