Metronit Project in Haifa Metropolitan Area

  • The Metronit is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system operating on an exclusive right path
  • The Metronit can serve up to 80 people (8500 passengers an hour)
  • The Metronit operates on an exclusive traffic lane shared by ambulances and city buses (without access to taxis, inter-city buses)
  • The Metronit receives preference on streetlights
  • In 2019, the Metronit carried out approximately 22 million trips

Trans Israel Highway Ltd was authorized to promote a number of new Metronit projects at a value of 5 billion NIS.

The Metronit Neveh Shaanan project will connect the Hadar and Downtown neighborhoods in Haifa with the Neveh Shaanan neighborhood, the Technion, and the entire metropolitan area

Metronit Neveh Shaanan

The Metronit Tirat HaCarmel and West Haifa is one of the stages in expanding the Metronit network from Matam Junction south.

Metronit Tirat HaCarmel and Haifa West

The Taala St. Metronit project, at a length of 1.3 km, is the first stage in constructing the Kiryat Ata, Taala St. and eastern bypass line, which will extend over 6.5 km. the line is part of the Metronit system in the Haifa metropolitan nucleus area.

Metronit Kiryat Ata

The goal of this project is reducing traffic congestion along the Carmel ridge in Haifa, from the University to Carmel Center

Metronit Carmel Ridge

Metronit Route 4 project will create a direct and rapid connection between the Krayot and Matam industrial area, the coast, the Haifa Mall commercial center and the Grand Kanyon commercial center.

Metronit Route 4

The Metrofan project is part of a master plan intended to draw a network of bike tracks in the Haifa metropolitan area. The project’s goal is to encourage the use of sustainable transportation for everyday purposes in order to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Metrofan – bike lanes