Flagship Projects

Haifa-Nazareth Light Rail Transit

The Haifa-Nazareth Light Rail project is a complex infrastructure mega-project, the first of its kind in Israel. It combines an innovative intercity and in-city public mass transit network and is carried out by the Cross-Israel company, as the operational arm of the Ministry of Transportation. It includes the construction of a regional light rail transit, serving the residents of the northern part of Israel and connecting the towns in the Haifa metropolitan area, including the Krayot town cluster and the cities of Nof HaGalil and Nazareth.

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Extending Route 6 — the road gets longer, the drive gets shorter!

The Cross-Israel company was responsible for the construction of Route 6 since its inception, and has since constructed 13 route sections and 24 interchanges, maintained and expanded lanes, and built connecting roads. Today, Route 6 is Israel’s primary transportation artery, serving approximately 270,000 vehicles per day. It allows drivers to cross 188 km from north to south, without traffic lights, in less than two hours.

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Expanding and Upgrading the Fast Lane Parking Lot

The Fast Lane parking lot is part of the Fast Lane project, managed by the Fast Lane LTD franchise of the Shapir Group. Cross-Israel has been its supervising authority since 2011. The parking lot has approximately 2,000 parking spots, and customers can leave their vehicles and commute to the business centers in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan using the free direct shuttle service.

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