Route 6 – Somech-Shlomi

The project involves extending Route 6 north, from Somech to Shlomi. The road is planned to be a 2-way, 3-lane 35 km road, and to include 6-7 interchanges.

By 2040, the number of residents and businesses in areas adjacent to the route is expected to increase dramatically. Doubling the capacity of longitudinal roads in the north by constructing these segments (8-9) would allow a high level of road service in the north-south direction even during rush hours, and provide a solution for highway needs created by the expected development boom.


Early statutory planning.

Budget Estimation:

About 2.5 billion NIS to Bet Ha'emek (without the tracks)

Construction Forecast:

Pending approval of budgets and plans, expected to enter the construction phase in 2023.